Chinese-Medium Master Programs
No.Schools NameMajorsResearch Field
Highway School
Civil EngineeringBrige Enigneering
 Geotechnical Engineering
Tunnel Enigneering
Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering
Transportation EngineeringHighway and Airport Engineering
Route Enigneering
2     School of AutomobileVehicle EngineeringVehicle Engineering
Power Engineering and EngineeringThermophysicsPower Machinery and Engineering
Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Transportation EngineeringVehicle Operation Engineering
Logistic Engineering and Management
3     School of Construction MachineryMechanical EngineeringMechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Construction Machinery
4    School of Economics and Management Applied Economics Industrial Economics
 Economic Statistics
Monetary Finance
Logistic Engineering and ManagementLogistic Engineering and Management
Management of science and engineeringManagement of science and engineering
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration
5      School of Electronics and Control Engineering Electrical Engineering  Electrical Engineering 
Control Science and Engineering Control Theory and Control Engineering
Testing Technology and Automation Devices
 Systems Engineering   
Module Identification and Intelligence System
Navigation, Guide and Control
Transportation Engineering Traffic Information Engineering and Control
Information Management and Information Systems
6   Information Engineering SchoolInformation and Communication EngineeringCommunication and Information Systems
 Signal and Information Processing
Computer Science and TechnologyComputer System Structure
 Computer Software and Theory
Computer Applications Technology
Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering
Cyberspace SecurityCyberspace Security
Transportation EngineeringTraffic Information Engineering and Control
Information Management and Information Systems
School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics
GeophysicsSolid Geophysics
 Space Physics
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
Surveying and MappingGeodesy and Survey Engineering
Photographical Survey and Remote Sensing
 Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
Geological Resources and Geological EngineeringGeodetection and Information Technology
Geology Engineering
Safety Science and Engineering
Safety Science and Engineering 
8School of Earth Science and ResourcesGeographyPhysical Geography
Cartography and Geography Information System
GeologyMineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Tectonics Geology
Quaternary Geology
Geo-information System
Geological Resources and Geological EngineeringMineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration
Oil and Gas Field Geology and Development
9  School of Civil EngineeringCivil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering
Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering
Civil Engineering Construction & Management
Structural Engineering
Urban Infrastructure Engineering
Heat, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering
10   School of Water and EnvironmentHydraulic Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources
Groundwater Science and Engineering
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering
 Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Chemical Engineering and TechnologyChemical Engineering and Technology
Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Geology
11  School of ArchitectureUrban and Rural PlanningUrban and Rural Planning
Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture
12   School of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Materials Physics and Chemistry
Material Science
Materials Processing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Materials
Road Materials Science and Engineering
13College of Transportation EngineeringTransportation EngineeringTransportation planning and management
Transportation Engineering
14School of Land EngineeringLand EngineeringLand Engineering
Land Resource ManagementLand Resource Management
15    School of Humanities
Public ManagementPublic Administration
Public Policy
Education Management
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other LanguagesTeaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
16     School of SciencesMathematics Fundamental Mathematics
Computing Mathematics
 Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics
 Applied Mathematics
Operational Research and Cybernetics
Statistics Statistics 
MechanicsGeneral and Fundamental Mechanics
Solid Mechanics
Engineering Mechanics
 Computational Structural Mechanics 
17    School of Foreign StudiesForeign Language LiteratureForeign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
International and Regional Studies
Comparative Literature and Intercultural Study
18School of MarxismPhilosophyMarxist Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
 Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marxist theory Basic Principles of Marxism
Marxism in Chinese Society
Ideological and Political Education
Resarch on the Basic Problem of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History