Chinese-Medium Undergraduate Programs
No.Schools NameDisciplinesMajors
1Highway SchoolRoad,Bridge and River-crossing EngineeringRoad,Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
City Underground Space EngineeringCity Underground Space Engineering
2     School of AutomobileVehicle EngineeringVehicle Engineering
Energy and Power EngineeringEnergy and Power Engineering
Logistics EngineeringLogistics Engineering
Automobile Service EngineeringAutomobile Service Engineering
3   School of Construction MachineryMechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design  Manufacture and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Industrial Design
4     School of Economics and ManagementLogistics ManagementLogistics Management
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration
Management Science and EngineeringEngineering Management
Information Management and Information System
EconomicsEconomic Statistics
International Economics and Trade
5  School of Electronics and Control EngineeringElectrical Engineering and AutomationElectrical Engineering and Automation
Robotics Engineering
Traffic Equipment and Control EngineeringTraffic Equipment and Control Engineering
6 Information Engineering SchoolElectronic Information Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Computer Computer Science and Technology
Software Engineering
Internet of Things Engineering
Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence
School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics
GeomaticsGeomatics Engineering
Remote Sensing Science and Technology
Earth Information Science
Geology EngineeringGeology Engineering
 GeophysicsInvestigation Technology and Engineering
Security EngineeringSecurity Engineering
8School of Earth Science and ResourcesGeologyGeology
Resource Exploration Engineering
Mineral Process EngineeringMineral Process Engineering
9  School of Civil EngineeringCivil EngineeringCivil Engineering
Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering
Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering
Engineering Cost
10  School of Water and EnvironmentChemical Engineering and TechnicsChemical Engineering and Technics
Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental  Engineering
Environmental Science
Water ConservancyHydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Groundwater Science and Engineering
11  School of ArchitectureArchitectureArchitecture
Urban-Rural Planning
Landscape Architecture
12    School of Materials Science and Engineering

MaterialsMaterial Science and Engineering
Inorganic Nonmetazllic Materials Engineering
Polymer Materials and Engineering
Materials Shaping and Control Engineering
New Energy Materials and Devices
13College of Transportation EngineeringTransportation EngineeringTransportation Engineering
Communications and TransportationCommunications and Transportation
Big Data Management and Application Big Data Management and Application 
14School of Land EngineeringLand Consolidation EngineeringLand Consolidation Engineering
Land Resource ManagementLand Resource Management
15School of MarxismIdeological and Political EducationIdeological and Political Education
16    School of Humanities
Public ManagementPublic Administration
Pubic Service Administration
Drama and film StudiesDrama and Television Literature
Radio and Television Directing
Journalism & CommunicationJournalism
Chinese Language and Literature
17    School of SciencesEngineering MechanicsEngineering Mechanics
MathematicsMathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
18    School of Foreign StudiesEnglishEnglish
19 Department of Physical EducationSocial Sports Instruction and AdministrationSocial Sports Instruction and Administration
20Chang'an Dublin International college of Transportation at Chang'an UniversityRoad, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
Sino-foreign cooperation
Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
Sino-foreign cooperation
Vehicle EngineeringSino-foreign cooperationVehicle EngineeringSino-foreign cooperation
Communications and TransportationSino-foreign cooperationCommunications and TransportationSino-foreign cooperation
21School of Future Transportation Engineering Experimental Class (Future Transportation)Engineering Experimental Class (Future Transportation)