I. Applicant Eligibility

1. Non-Chinese citizens, in good health;

2. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect Chinese customs and habits. Observe Chang’anUniversity discipline and school regulations;

3. Education and age requirements of the applicants:

(1) Those pursuing undergraduate majors must have a high school diploma and be under 25 years old;

(2) Those pursuing a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree and be under 35 years old;

(3) Those pursuing a doctorate must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40.

4. Non-other scholarship recipients.

II. Scholarship Content and Duration

1.Scholarship funding standards


Funding Target

Scholarship Content

First prize


Exempt from paying tuition and hostel fee for whole study period, and provide living stipend for four years.

Second prize


Exempt from paying tuition for whole study period, and provide living stipend for the first year (for the next two years, thoseconforming to the requirements of the annual review and  ranking in the top 40% of the annual review can continue to have the same amount of living stipend)

Third prize


Exempt 50% from paying tuition for whole study period, and provide living stipend for the first year.

Fourth prize

Chinese language learners

Only provide living stipend

2.Standard of living stipend

Student Category

Living stipend Amount

PhD student

25000 / year / person

Master student

20000 / year / person


15000 / year / person

Chinese language learners

10000 / year / person

3.Tuition fees























VISA: ¥400/year

LIVING COST: ≈¥15000/year


DOUBLE ROOM: ¥600/month (language student, bachelor, master)

SINGLE ROOM: ¥800/month (doctors)

ACCOMMODATION: Public Kitchen, Public Laundry, Private Washroom, Bath, Aircon, Internet



III. Available Majors

1. Chinese Medium Majors

Bachelor: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8903/list.htm

Master: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8904/list.htm

Doctoral: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8905/list.htm

  1. English Medium Majors

Bachelor: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8906/list.htm

Master: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8907/list.htm

Doctoral: https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/8908/list.htm

IV. Application Materials and Application Duration

In the application system of our school, applicants must fill in and provide online submission in Chinese or English.

Application Materials

1.Copy of Valid Ordinary Passport.

If the applicant is in China, a copy of a valid residence permit is also required.

2."Physical Examination Record for Foreigners";

Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the "Physical Examination Records for Foreigners" and fill them out in Chinese or English. The “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” that is missing pages, not affixed with a photo or without a seam seal on it, or without a signature or seal from hospital or physician is invalid. Whereas the inspection results are valid in six months, applicants are requested to determine the time of their medical examination accordingly.

3.The original copy of the non-criminal record and the Chinese translation

When submitting the application, the validity period of the non-criminal record certificate must be valid in three months or more; if the applicant is already in China, who must provide certificate of school performance.

4.The highest degree certificate;

5.Two letters of Recommendation;

No need for applicants to apply for undergraduate study. Two letters of recommendation issued by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English are required for applicants for masters’ or doctoral degrees. (Note: These letters should be written by professors in your current university)

6.Study or Research Plan in China;

Applicants must submit a study or research plan in China written in Chinese or English. (No less than 800 words for master and no less than 1500 words for doctor).

7.Research Achievements;

Applicants should provide published papers, award certificates, invention patents or other materials that prove the learning achievements and research capabilities if available.

8.Proof of Language Proficiency

Item Category

Language Requirements

Chinese Teaching Project

Certificate of HSK Level 4 reaching 180 points or above or other equivalent Chinese level recognized by our school.

English Teaching Project

TOEFL score above 68 or IELTS score above 5.5. Conditions for exemption from submitting English proficiency certificates: students from English-speaking countries (mother tongue, official language, and common language is English).


10.Conditional acceptance letter

All master and doctoral applicants are supposed to contact professors of CAU to acquire a conditional acceptance letter, and those providing the letter will be admitted in priority.


a. The Materials do not meet the requirements will not be accepted;

b. The Materials in other languages must be notarized in Chinese or English.

Application Duration:

Pay attention to the latest admission notice.

V. Application Procedures

Step 1: Sign Chang'an University School of International Education online application system, according to the system prompt, choose self-sponsor item, and finish the submissions.

Chang’an University admission system: http://admission.chd.edu.cn/

Step 2: Pay the application fee. (After the applicant submits the application in the application system, our school conducts the preliminary examination. If the preliminary examination passes, the system will send a notice of "payment of application fee" and the applicant pays the application fee as required.)

Step 3: The application is completed.


a. The application fee is 400yuan, which is non-refundable and only accepts online payment;

b. Our school's applications are completed online and paper materials are not accepted. 

VI. Admission

1. Students who apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) program but fail to be selected can choose to be our candidates of CAU Xi'an Municipal 'One Belt One Road' Scholarship without paying the application fee or applying again.

2. The school examines the comprehensive qualities of students by reviewing application materials, interviews, etc., and selects the best candidates for admission. The category and grade of the scholarships the students ultimately receive are determined by Chang’an University based on the students' comprehensive quality rankings and the number of annual scholarships for that year.

3. Once admitted, students are not allowed to change their major of study, semester deadline, or medium of instruction.

4. The school issues "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to China" (JW202) to the students admitted for the purpose of applying for a study visa in China. Those with non-study visas will not be allowed to register.

5. You must bring the original copy of your highest academic degree certificate and the original "Physical Examination Record for Foreigners" when you enrol, otherwise the qualifications for admission and scholarship will be cancelled.

Note: Applicants need to fill in their contact email address, telephone number and correspondence address accurately. During the admission period, the applicant must reply to our school's mail on time; applicants who fail to respond to the mail on time or fail to submit supplementary materials within the required time are deemed to have given up.

VII. Scholarship Evaluation and Grant

1. The scholarship students who have studied in China for more than one year should go through Annual Review. Annual Review refers to the comprehensive assessment system which the international students studying in China under Chang’an University Scholarship Programs (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship students) shall go through annually. It will decide whether they are qualified to continue enjoying or to renew the scholarship.

2. International Education School of CAU takes charge of the organization and implementation of Annual Review. The other departments are responsible for the coordination of annual review. International Education School of CAU establish the committee of annual review, including the dean, deputy dean of International Education School of CAU, deputy dean of other college, counsellor and the staff of International Education School of CAU in charge of scholarship students. The dean of International Education School of CAU is the chairman of the committee.

3. Eligibility for the scholarship shall be suspended for one year in the following cases.

(a) A person who has been absent from school for more than one quarter of the total number of hours in the current semester.

(b). Undergraduate students who have earned less than one third of the credits required for a semester.

(c). Postgraduate students who have failed two degree courses in one semester.

(d) Any person who does not participate in the annual review without reason or is not qualified in the annual review.

(e).Those who have been placed on probation or more for violating school discipline, or those who have been sentenced to administrative detention or more for violating Chinese law.

4. A student shall be disqualified from receiving a scholarship if he or she is in the following situation.

(a) If he or she has been ordered to leave or expelled from school.

(b) Those who have failed the annual review twice during their studies at the school.

(c) If they do not participate in the annual review without justification.

If a student is disqualified from receiving a scholarship, his or her scholarship shall be suspended from the date of publication and his or her eligibility for the scholarship shall not be restored.

5. The Chang'an University Scholarship is organized by International Education School and awarded on a monthly basis.