English-Medium Master Programs
No.School NameMajorResearch Field
1Highway School  Communication and Transportation EngineeringHighway and Airport Engineering
Civil Engineering  Bridge  Enigneering
 Geotechnical Engineering
 Tunnel Engineering
2School of Construction Machinery            Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Manufacturing and Automation
 Mechatronic Engineering
 Mechanical Design and Theory
Construction Machinery
3School of Economics and Management                Business Administration Accounting and Financial
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Tourism Management
Marketing Management and Innovation
Organizational Operation and Human Resource Management
Economics and Finance
4School of Electronics and Control Engineering   Communication and Transportation Engineering Traffic Information Engineering and Control  
Control Science and EngineeringControl Theory and Control Engineering
Testing Technology and Automation Devices
Systems Engineering
Module Identification and Intelligence System
Navigation, Guide and Control
5Information Engineering School Information and Communication EngineeringBroadband wireless communication theory
Information coding and confidential communication
Traffic intelligent detection and information fusion
Image intelligent perception and understanding
Computer Science and TechnologyConnected Vehicles and computing system
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Computer Network and Information Security
Big Data and Service Computing
Communication and transportation engineeringTraffic Information Engineering and Control
6School of Geological Engineering and GeomaticsGeophysics Solid Geophysics
Space Physics
Surveying and MappingGeodesy and Survey Engineering
Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
 Photographical Survey and Remote Sensing
Safety Science and EngineeringGeological Environment and Engineering Safety
Safety of Underground Space
Engineering Thermal Safety and Protection
Geological Resources and Geological Engineering Geology Engineering
 Geodetection and Information Technology
7School of Earth Science and Resources    Geology Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Tectonics Geology
Geo-Information System
Geological Resources and Geological EngineeringMineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration
Oil and Gas Field Geology and Development
8 School of Civil Engineering  Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
 Structural Engineering
Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering
9 School of ArchitectureArchitecture Regional Architecture Design
Architectural Heritage Protection
Green Building Technology
Urban Design
Urban and Rural PlanningTheory and Method of Urban and Rural Planning
Urban and Rural Development History and Heritage Protection
Urban Land Use and Transportation Planning
Urban and Rural Ecological Planning and Technology
10School of Water and EnvironmentChemical Egineering and TechnologyDevelopment and application of functional materials
High-value utilization of chemical and biological resources
Environmental pollution repair by chemical engineering technology
Environmental Science and Engineering Wastewater treatment and resource utilization
Hydro-ecological environment evolution and regulation in arid regions
Air pollution control
Soil-groundwater pollution and remediation
Environmental energy and new material
Hydraulic EngineeringSustainable development and efficient utilization of water resources in arid regions
Groundwater resources and their environmental impact
Hydrological ecology and water security
Hydrogeochemical process and their health effects
Seepage in lose and the prevention of water and soil disaster
11School of AutomobileVehicle EngineeringVehicle Engineering
Communication and Transportation EngineeringVehicle Operation Engineering
Logistic Engineering and Management
12School of Materials Science and EngineeringMaterials Science and EngineeringRoad Materials Science and Engineering
Mechannical Engineering Materials
Material Processing Engineering
Material Physics and Chemistry
Materials Science
13School of Land EngineeringLand Resource ManagementLand Resource Management
GeographyPhysical Geography
Human Geography
Cartography and Geography Information System
Land EngineeringLand Engineering
14College of Transportation EngineeringCommunication and Transportation EngineeringTransportation Engineering
Transportation planning and management
15School of Marxism State Governance Model of ChinaXi Jinping’s Thoughts on Governing in China
Improvement of Leadership and Western Governance Ability
Ecological Environment and Social Governance in China
Marxist TheoryThe Basic Principles of Marxism
Study on the Sinicization of Marxism
16School of Energy and Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering Electric Power System and Its Automatization
Electrical Theory and New Technology
 Power Eletronics and Power Drives
Power Engineering and Engineering ThermophysicsPower Machinery and Engineering
New energy science and engineering
Engineering thermal physics