Step1: Enter the application website:

Step2: Register an account for yourself

Step3: Log in your account and choose ONLINE APPLICATION

Step4: a. Choose CSC or others; b. Choose degree programs; c. Choosemedium of instruction and majors; d. Fill in the application form,and upload all mandatory attachments as required.

Step5: Submit and wait for initial review (Those who pass the initialreview will be able to get the application fee payment option bylogging into the system again)

Step6Paythe application fee as required, and it’s completed, just wait forthe final admission result.


A.Your profile photo must be clear enough;

B.Education and work experience must be a continuous timeline, andunemployment at home should be filled in the form truthfully;

C.E-mails and telephone numbers must be true and valid;

D.No need to mail paper materials, all actions are completed online.