1.       Instructor information collection

(1)    Log in to the website of the International Education School of Chang'an University https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/main.htm (Chinese or English), and find the Professor Information item column on the ADMISSIONS page. (Click on the Professor Information item column, the English website address of each college and the PDF form of the Supervisor List of each college will be displayed).

(2)    Students can find relevant professors information according to their academic qualifications and professional direction.

2.       How to contact the professor

(1)    Collect the e-mail information of the professor and prepare the e-mail content.

(2)    Add preparation materials to the email, make an appointment for interview time or telephone conversation time.

(3)    Prepare the conditional acceptance letter. If the instructor agrees to receive it, please sign it.


(1) Do not enter the professor's office directly, or break into the office without an appointment.

(2) Do not add any materials to the email, just ask the professor for the conditional acceptance letter.

(3) Please get acquainted with your professor before sending an email.