CAU joined the Belt and Road International Alliance of Architecture Universities


On October 30th, the Belt and Road International Alliance of Architecture Universities 2020 Conference and President’s Forum was jointly organized by Beijing University of Architecture and the Unia Institute of Higher Engineering in France in the form of a cloud conference. More than 150 Chinese and foreign architecture university presidents, experts and scholars from 26 universities in 12 countries including China, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Poland, Armenia, etc., focused on the theme of Building an Architectural Education Community of the Belt and Road through the “online + offline” approach, and jointly discussed the training, exchanges and cooperation of innovative talents in the field of construction engineering, and how to deal with new opportunities and challenges in future development under the background of the normalization of the global epidemic, in order to further promote the exchange and cooperation of construction universities in countries along the Belt and Road.

At this conference, Chang'an University was invited to join the Belt and Road International Alliance of Architecture Universities, which currently has 64 member units in 27 countries and regions. The alliance has played an active role in promoting the exchange and cooperation of architectural universities along the Belt and Road, innovating talent training mechanisms, exploring the construction of cross-cultural disciplines, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and serving the development and construction of the Belt and Road and Eurasian regions.

In the principal forum, Zhao Xiangmo, the vice president of our school, was invited to give a theme report on Exploration and Practice of the Internationalization of Civil Engineering in the Context of Double First-Class Construction, and shared our school’s major civil engineering talent training, teacher team construction and scientific research International schooling experience, focusing on the sharing of high-quality educational resources, suggesting that universities at home and abroad strengthen cooperation and exchanges, vigorously promote international schooling, and provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the Belt and Road construction.


The Belt and Road international alliance of architecture universities was initiated by Beijing University of Architecture and Construction in 2017. At the beginning of its establishment, 44 universities from 19 countries joined the alliance, concentrated in key areas along the Belt and Road. The alliance aims to respond to the national Belt and Road- development initiative, and in accordance with the principles of voluntary equality, openness and sharing, win-win cooperation, innovative development, is committed to the training of high-quality and international engineering and technical personnel, and is committed to serving the urban and rural construction of the countries along the Belt and Road, is committed to taking scientific research projects and technological innovation as the driving force, innovating cooperation mechanisms, creating a cross-border multi-school collaborative innovation platform for society, promoting the cross-border flow of funds, products, talents and services, and committed to promoting cross-border inter-university National border personnel and cultural exchanges, encourage cross-border flow of personnel between universities, jointly organize various academic conferences, scientific and technological competitions, and carry out various Chinese promotion activities.