IES Holds a Meeting on the Education of Overseas International Students


On the afternoon of January 7th2021, our school held a special work meeting on teaching, training andmanagement of overseas students in the academic exchange center ofthe south campus. Relevant persons in charge of the Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, academic staff, teacher representatives, and relevant personnel of the International Education School/ International Student Affairs Office attended the meeting. Theconference was presided over by Zhang Wei, Dean of the International Education School.

ZhangWei, Dean of the Institute of international education, presided over the meeting

    Mr Zhang Wei, dean of the International Institute of Education, summarized the relevant situation of the teaching and management of international students in and outside the colleges this semester, and expressed his gratitude to all units for their support for the international student management training. He pointed out that the new Corona epidemic has brought difficulties and challenges to the teaching and training of international students at home and abroad. The Institute of International Education will strictly abide by relevant regulations, strengthen international student management services, adhere to the principles and directions of convergent management, promote the international level of our school, improve the quality of international student training, and do a good job in teaching, training and management of international students abroad. It is hoped that all departments of the school will further change their ideas, unify their understanding, establish their consciousness and form a joint effort, attach great importance to the training of international students, and make concerted efforts to contribute to the promotion of the double first-class and internationalization of the school.

    Li Yuanchun, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, emphasized that under the premise of current epidemic prevention and control, colleges should plan ahead of time the teaching work of undergraduate students in the spring semester, and do a good job in international students' offline, online teaching and examination, graduation thesis, and so on. Through online courses and other ways to ensure the quality of overseas international students training, quality and quantity to complete the teaching tasks.

    Zhang Jiaqi, vice-dean of Graduate School, has implemented the optimization of international student training at home and abroad, the selection of tutors, and the teaching of spring semester. According to the actual situation of international students, colleges are required to make good tutors and teaching plans, and to do a good job in teaching and training overseas international students.

    Lv Weidong, vice-dean of the Institute of International Education, reported on the recent development of international education related work, explaining the main problems, development goals, tasks and main measures faced by overseas international students in teaching and training.

    The participants also discussed and exchanged undergraduate and graduate enrollment, educational administration, teaching and training.