International Education School Holds 2020 Annual Meeting


    On the morning of January 12, the International Education School held the 2020 annual work wrap-up meeting and 2021 international education work seminar to summarize the work of the college since 2020, arrange the winter vacation work arrangement, and discuss the 2021 work plan. The meeting was presided over by the Dean Mr Zhang Wei, and all faculty members of the college attended the meeting.

    The Dean Mr Zhang Wei summarized the work of the college in 2020 and arranged the development plan of the college in 2021. He fully affirmed the contribution of all the staff to the development of the college and thanked the staff for their hard work. In the past year, all the teaching staff of the college have worked together to overcome many difficulties, expand the scale of the college, strengthen the teaching staff, and the college has achieved great development. The epidemic situation has won a stage victory, the international student enrollment has risen against the trend, the Chinese teaching information process has been continuously promoted, the foreign cooperation in running a school has made a breakthrough, and the foundation for the development of international education has been further consolidated. Looking ahead to 2021, the task remains arduous. The college will take "one core, two priorities, three advances and four special projects" as its starting point in order to grasp, forge ahead, and strive to do a good job in international education, constantly improve our international popularity and competitiveness, and steadily advance our internationalization strategy.

Statement by Dean Zhang Wei

    The Vice Dean Mr Lv Weidong conveyed the school requirements, the college’s winter vacation key work arrangements. He emphasized that we should attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, do not relax the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and resolutely overcome paralysis and fluke mentality. All teaching staff are required to strictly implement their work responsibilities, implement double duty classes in the north and south campuses, ensure the continuous line of winter vacation work, care for the mental health of international students, and plan to arrange the work of students during winter vacation. Ensure the normal work of the college and the safety and stability of international students.

Statement by Vice-Dean Lv Weidong

    At the meeting, the staff reported on the main work in 2020, achievements and 2021 work ideas. We have reported on our achievements, problems and future efforts in the coming year. This work summation meeting comprehensively reviewed the work of the college this year, defined the work goal of 2021 more clearly in affirmation and reflection, strengthened the mutual study and experience exchange between the departments and the teaching staff. Enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the staff, for the future work laid a solid foundation.

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