The CCTV News Channel Broadcast the Special Interview of International Students in Our School



On the morning of June 5, 2018, in order to welcome the upcoming SCO summit that will be held in Qingdao, the CCTV news channel broadcast in the special topic entitled "come to my house" of the "morning news" show, an interview related to “love letter to Xi'an” and the life in Xi’an of Ilkhom Kasimov , an Uzbekistani student studying at Chang'an University.



My beautiful youth, you quietly walked into my heart...... I heard your feelings from the laughter of a baby, I listened and listened again, and I also started to laugh. This is a" love letter to Xi’an “written by the international student Ilkhom Kasimov, recording his true feelings and great affection for the ancient city of Xi’an. Ilkhom Kasimov is a graduate student in tourism management of Chang'an University. This year is his sixth year in the city. In the fall of 2013, the construction of the "first long railway tunnel of Central Asia" in Uzbekistan was under construction by Chinese enterprises, Ilkhom Kasimov was engaged as an interpreter at the construction site, and while dealing with Chinese workers, he learned a lot of good qualities from them, and from that time on he has a great interest in Chinese culture.


Ilkhom Kasimov said that he had been to many parts of China before, but only Xi'an most impressed him and it became a part of his life. In his" love letter to Xi’an", he affectionately wrote:"I do not know if you like me calling your name, but this is how I often call you in my heart: when I call you the Confucianist, we are relatives; when I call you Tang poetry, you are my lover." We have become best friends, close friends… In my life, Xi'an is an unavoidable place name. "

Ilkhom Kasimov said many people have asked why he likes Xi'an and why he chose to study at Chang'an University. He said he chose Xi’an because of its profound cultural background, and chose Chang'an University because the strong academic atmosphere of Chang'an University is very suitable for staying here to experience life and engage in research. He said, "I have already had a feeling for Xi'an, because it satisfies my spiritual needs for Chinese culture, and here I can really pursue my ideal."


He Loves Chinese traditional culture and loves Chinese, so much so his daily life in Xi'an is quite fruitful. His Chinese is more and better. In his eyes, every word in Chinese is a beautiful painting, a beautiful poem. "My friends in Uzbekistan called me Confucius's apprentice, and I am very proud of it. Ancient Chinese is really beautiful, it sounds like a classic beauty. Yi Li Ha Mu said that after coming to Xi'an, he felt the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people of Xi'an, and he naturally used beautiful words to express the strong feelings of this land.


Chang'an University started to recruit foreign students since 1956. It has more than 60 years of history, it has been one of the first universities in China to undertake foreign aid education. It has trained more than 4000 students from over 70 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Yemen etc. At present, it has more than 830 international students. For a long time, Chang'an University attaches a great importance to the education and training of foreign students coming to China. In order to speed up the process of “Double First-rate” construction and internationalization, all departments of the university cooperate together to improve the quality of education and teaching, and the level of management and service. According to the characteristics of foreign students, the Institute of international education actively carries out rich and diverse cultural activities, publicizing the Chinese culture, enhancing the perception and understanding of the Chinese culture by the foreign students, and making them to become friendly messengers of "know China, be friend of china, and love China".