International Education School's Spring Festival condolences


On February 8th, 2018, the International Education School's Spring Festival condolences for the International Students at the Spring Festival for the Elderly grew up in the student activity room of the college. President Chen Feng, deputy secretary of Sha Aimin, and deputy secretary of Xiaohui Miao sent a message of sympathy to our school for the winter vacation to stay in international students, and sent New Year's greetings to international students. The condolence meeting was chaired by Li Xijian, Dean of the International Education Institute.


President Chen Feng speaks. He said that this was his first time participating in the activities of international students as a principal, he tasted the foods of various countries and felt the energy and enthusiasm of the international students. He was very happy. It is hoped that international students will study hard at Chang'an University, be able to apply what they have learned, serve in their own country, and contribute to their country’s development. This will be the pride of Chang’an University. Finally, I wish the students to be happy in the Chinese New Year and enjoy a happy holiday when they grow up. Everything goes smoothly.


The deputy secretary of the Macao People’s Government addressed all the students from the three aspects of reunion, sharing, and blessings. He said that Chang'an University is a big family. Today, we gather here to mean reunion. At the same time, we are here to worship everyone in the early years. I hope everyone is in good health, and everything is satisfactory and successful.


The deputy secretary of Miao Xiaohong explained to the students in detail the history and cultural customs of the year of China and recommended everyone to experience the cultural attractions of the Chinese New Year in Xi’an. I hope that they will go out and read more during the Spring Festival, read and understand China, and become A cultural emissary of friendship bridges between China and foreign countries. In the end, the secretary of the Chinese Academy of Management sent greetings to the students and wished the students a safe, happy and happy new year.


The school leaders sent on-site classmates gifts and postcards for the Spring Festival condolences. A postcard of Chang'an University signed with the leadership's blessing and name, and a piece of sympathy gift, which allowed the foreign students to feel the care and warmth from the teachers.


During the meeting, international students brought various wonderful performances and activities to the guests. In the “Food Competition for All Nations,” international students brought in special foods from all over the world. President Chen Feng, Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin, and Deputy Secretary Ruan Xiaohong were also students. They ate together to dine together and taste delicious food and communicate warmly with the students. The college invited Zhang Ting, a senior training lecturer of Shaanxi Overseas Travel Co., Ltd., to bring a special lecture on the “Year of China” to the students and give them a lively explanation. They have gained a deeper understanding of the “Year of China”; international students have participated in the Chinese food—dumplings, wontons, stuffing, and boiled dumplings—and the students have experienced a deep Chinese flavor throughout the entire process; It also brought wonderful talent performances, solo in English, Yemen, African dance, Chinese kung fu, Chinese lute performance, collective display of Chinese and foreign cultures, and expressed the passion of foreign students for their country and Chinese culture. In the final grab of red packets, the students used Chinese to read the greetings in their red envelopes and wished all the friends a happy new year.


Shaanxi TV and Shaanxi Express and many other media reported the condolences.


The heads of the International Education Institute, School Management Office, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Industry and Engineering attended the symposium.