长安大学2022学年国际学生入学Q & A



How to apply for CSC scholarship?


Please check up the following web link.

国别奖 Bilateral program (Type A)


自主招 University program (Type B)



Please read carefully, and feel free to email us.


After submitting the application online, when should I pay the application fee?


When you get qualified in preliminary review, you will see the PAYMENT button in the online application system. It usually takes 5 working days, and then you are supposed to pay according to the guide.


I am a CSC applicant, and do I need to pay 600RMB application fee?


Exactly. The applicants who apply for CSC Scholarship need to complete the application on both CSC website and CAU online application system. We require 600 CNY for completion of the application and it is non-refundable.

Q4: 是否需要提交纸质版的申请材料?

Do I need to send hard copies of application materials?


No. Our school has fully implemented online application from 2020. Applicants only need to fill in and submit application materials that meet our requirements in our schools application platform.


When is the deadline for application?

A: CSC奖学金申请截止时间:2022331




March31th, 2022 for CSC Scholarship application

June 20th, 2022 for ”One Belt One Road” Scholarship application, self-funded and non-degree application


Where can I find the majors opening to international students?


Please go to the portal of CAU International Education School https://ies.chd.edu.cn/en/

, in ADMISSIONS part you can find the major list of all programs. In addition, please find CSC available majors in the Q1 links.


I am doing my current study and don’t get my graduation certificate yet. Can I apply ?


Yes. If the applicant is a student on campus, pre-graduation certification must be submitted. If you are accepted, you will need to submit an official degree certificate and diploma when you register in September.


I don’t have IELTS or TOEFL certificate. Due to lockdown of pandemic, I am not able to attend one of them recently. What should I do?


If you are from English-speaking countries, you are free to apply for English-taught programs without any certificates. For those who are from non-English-speaking countries, basically we don’t recognize any language certificate from language training institution, you may take a language test by DUOLINGO online test.


I finished my previous study in English medium, can I be exempted from providing the IELTS result?


Certainly yes. Students once studied in English medium can be exempted from providing the IELTS or TOEFL certificate. However, a language of instruction certificate made by current school is needed.


Due to epidemic, it’s impossible for me to attend HSK exam in my country, how can I apply for Chinese-taught course?


Due to lockdown, students who are not able to attend HSK exam could send email to apply@chd.edu.cn. We can arrange language test for you. The email should consist of name, email address, major with a subject of application number plus language test. If you get passed, the HSK requirement may be waived temporarily. And you are supposed to provide official HSK certificate within two examination cycles after China border opens.

Q11: 我今年未满18岁,可以申请吗?

I am under 18 by now, can I apply?


Yes. For those who are under 18, it needs extra documents of custody, including the ID information of parents, his/her own, and trustee in China, and a letter of authorization from parents, and a receiving letter from the trustee. All documents above should be notarized.


What are the requirements for a non-criminal record?


Students should ensure that it still has a two-month period of validity when submitting the non-criminal record (It’s generally valid for 6 months only). In addition, it must be stamped by local police station or embassy. Chinese version of the non-criminal record is also needed. Modification without permission will not be tolerated.


I am studying in China. Do I need to provide non- criminal record ?


Students inside China are not required to provide non-criminal record.


I am in my hometown now. When can I get my jw form? If international travel is still locked in September, 2022, how can I study courses?


According to policies of national immigration administration, since epidemic, the Shaanxi provincial foreign affairs office has stopped to issue jw202 form of students outside China (excluding South Korea). Before new policy released, we can only make admission letter for students outside China. If students can’t come to China at September, we will arrange online registration and courses just like what we did last year.


Is conditional acceptance letter mandatory?


For students who apply for CSC, all master and doctor applicants need to upload acceptance letter. For students who apply for presidential scholarship or self-sponsored study, if they can acquire acceptance letter, then they will be considered in priority.


Is recommendation letter mandatory?


Exactly. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors are mandatory requirement for master and doctor applicants. It should be in Chinese or English.


I want to learn Chinese. What programs can I apply for?


We offer flexible language training over few months or 1 year, including offline classroom teaching and online courses. In addition, we also have short-term cultural experience programs for 1-4 weeks, and 10 people can start classes. There are no restrictions on the number of online courses, and you can start learning at any time. You can use a computer or mobile phone to study the course. Those who have completed the course and passed the exam can apply for the certificate of each level of the online course.


I have learned some Chinese, and I want to improve it, so how can I apply?


We dont enroll those who have got studied language course for 1 year in China and continue to study language course in CAU. For those who studied Chinese language in their own countries before, please just apply according to the procedures as normal. After registration, CAU Chinese Language Centre will conduct a test and divide classes according to your actual Chinese proficiency.


I am now in China, my visa is going to expire, can I go to Changan University before the registration date?


To standardize management, we don’t allow students to come in advance. After your current X visa expired, please apply for a T visa. Make sure your stay in China is legal. In addition, according to Xi'an's entry-exit regulations, we don't accept application for changing from other types of visa to study visa.


I am not in China currently. Can I get living stipend and how?


Living stipend will not be issued to students outside China by now. Students will have it after entering China and passing the assessment.


My passport will expire soon, and due to epidemic I can’t get a new passport, does it influence my application?



In principle, students outside China who apply for 2022 intake must hold a passport valid till at least September 2023. If your passport will expire before the date, due to visa problem you would be fail to apply. Thus, please extend the validity of your passport promptly.Students inside China must hold a passport valid for more than half a year from the date of enrollment, and cannot be renewed before registration

There is no need to comply with this clause during the epidemic period. If the passport serviceopens, the passport should be updated in time.


If I am not selected by CSC, do I have other choices? What should I do?


Students who are not selected by CSC can choose to apply for “One Belt One Road” scholarship, and there is no need to pay twice for it. We will return your application, and if you are willing to apply for “One Belt One Road” scholarship, you should change CSC program to self-sponsor program. Then, you can modify other information according to your study plan, and resubmit. We will review whether you meet the "One Belt One Road” scholarship standard or not.


How do I receive my admission documents?


Reference to Q14, students outside China will receive admission letter only, while students in China will receive admission letter and jw202 form both. Students outside China will receive it from our official email, please find it in attachment. Students in China will have it by post. Therefore, please assure you provide us the correct address in Chinese and your phone number.

Q24: 请问什么时候可以来中国上课?

When can I come to China to take classes?


We have not received any notice from the Chinese government. Please wait patiently. We provide online courses during the epidemic period. Looking forward to seeing you in CAU soon!

Q25: 学生能否自主选择公寓房间类型和舍友?

Can I choose the room type (single/double room) and roommates?

A: 不能选择房间类型,本科生和硕士生住双人间,博士生住单人间。一般由学校直接分配舍友,也可以自主选择,入住后有一次调换房间的机会。

You cannot choose the room type. Undergraduate and master students live in double rooms, and doctoral students live in single rooms. As for roommates, it is normally allocated by IES. But you can choose your roommates if you are willing to. You have a chance to change your room after check in.

Q26: 学生能否申请校外住宿?

Can I apply for off-campus accommodation?

A: 可以申请校外住宿,需要提供住宿合同复印件,并在24小时内做好临住登记,及时告知相关负责老师。

You can apply for off-campus accommodation. A copy of the accommodation contract should be provided, and the temporary accommodation registration should be completed within 24 hours. Meanwhile, you should inform the teacher responsible for accommodation in time.

Q27: 学生能否更改授课语言?

Can I change the medium of instruction?

A: 授课语言以录取通知书为准,不得随意更换。若情况特殊,可在取得相应语言成绩之后,向学院提出申请。

The medium of instruction should be subject to the admission letter and cannot be changed. If you have some special reasons, you can apply to the IES after getting required language certificate.

Q28: 国际教育学院各科室的联系方式是什么?

What is the contact information of International Education School (IES)?






Contact Information


Admissions Office


Office 108, South Campus, IES




International Student Affairs Office


Office 221, South Campus, IES




In this epidemic moment,


Wish you and your family all well-being


Look forward to seeing you soon at CAU, China!


Admissions office, International Education School, CAU.

Email: apply@chd.edu.cn